(a)   Appointment.  The City Manager is hereby appointed as the Public Safety Director, acting ex-officio.
   (b)   Powers and Duties.  The Public Safety Director is hereby authorized to have the following powers and to perform the following duties:
      (1)   The Public Safety Director shall have supervision and control of the Safety Department and its Divisions, except that the Chiefs of the Divisions shall have the exclusive control of the stationing and transfer of all officers and employees of their respective Divisions, under such general rules and regulations as the Director of Public Safety prescribes.
      (2)   The Public Safety Director shall have the authority to appoint the Police Chief and the Fire Chief and all other subordinate officers of the Police Division and the Fire Division.
      (3)   The Public Safety Director shall have the authority to assign grade ranks for police officers and firefighters, upon the recommendation of the Chief of the proper Division.  Such ranking of police officers and firefighters shall be subject to review and recommendation by the Civil Service Commission, but the determination of the Public Safety Director shall be final.
      (4)   The Public Safety Director, upon the review and recommendation of the City Engineer, shall make and issue rules and regulations concerning:
         A.   The number, type and location of traffic control devices and signs;
         B.   The regulation or prohibition of parking on public ways and/or public property, including the authority to establish permit parking and the fee for such permits;
         C.   The creation or abolition of disability parking spaces on public ways and/or public property, in accordance with state law and, when requested by private individuals, upon the recommendation of the City's Traffic Commission;
         D.   The regulation of the right-of-way at intersections of streets, alleys, and highways;
         E.   The regulation or prohibition of turns at intersections;
         F.   The creation, abolition, and regulation of through routes and truck routes, pedestrian crosswalks and safety zones, bus loading and unloading zones, business loading zones, and traffic lanes and passing zones;
         G.   The regulation of the direction of traffic on public ways and the creation and abolition of one-way public streets, roads, alleys, courts or drives; and
         H.   The establishment of snow routes and regulation of parking on those designated routes.
(Statutory Reference ORC 737.022)
      (5)   Any additional powers or duties relative to police, fire and EMS services as may be necessary to carry out the duties placed upon the Public Safety Director pursuant to the City's Charter, by City Council or by applicable state law.
   (c)   Unclassified Service.  In accordance with Section 10.04 of the City Charter, the position of Public Safety Director shall be in the unclassified service.
(Ord. 2018-31.  Passed 10/25/18)