§ 234.02  LAW DIRECTOR.
   (a)   Appointment.  The Law Director shall be appointed by City Council and shall be under the direct supervision of the City Council.
(Charter 6.05 and 7.01)
   (b)   Powers and Duties.
      (1)   The Law Director shall be the Head of the Department of Law.  He or she shall have supervision of all legal affairs of the City and direct all activities of the Department of Law, including supervision of the City Prosecution Division, the Victim Advocate Division, all assistants and employees of the Department of Law and its Divisions, and special counsel.
      (2)   The Law Director shall have those powers and duties assigned to him or her by Section 6.06 of the City's Charter and any additional duties or powers assigned by the Council. 
      (3)   The Law Director shall be an administrative officer of the City.
      (4)   Unless a City Prosecutor has been provided for by the City Council, the Law Director shall also serve as City Prosecutor, in accordance with ORC Section 1901.34.
   (c)   Additional Powers and Duties.  Council hereby assigns the following powers and duties to the Director of Law:
      (1)   Prepare, review and approve all ordinances, resolutions, deeds, contracts and other legal documents.
      (2)   Attend all meetings of the City Council, unless excused by the President of Council, and attend meetings of other City Boards and Commissions when requested by that  body or by Council or as necessary.
   (d)   Unclassified Service.  In accordance with Section 10.04 of the City's Charter, the position of Law Director shall be in the unclassified service.
   (e)   Acting Law Director.
      (1)   During the temporary absence or disability of the Director of Law or if there is a vacancy in the office of the Director of Law for any reason lasting thirty (30) days or more, a majority of the City Council shall appoint an Acting Law Director for the period of the temporary absence, disability or vacancy.
      (2)   In cases where the Law Director is vacant from his or her office for a period of less than thirty (30) days due to vacation, illness or other leave, the Law Director shall appoint an Acting Law Director to serve in his or her absence by administrative directive. 
(Ord. 90-15. Passed 04/12/90; Ord. 99-54. Passed 10/28/99; Ord. 2018-27. Passed 09/13/18)