The following rules apply to the requesting organization.
   (a)   Community funding may be made available to local organizations that provide programming that benefits the broader community, including community service activities and special events. Funding may also be provided for organizations who demonstrate a need for capital funding for specific purchases or projects, the results of which will provide benefit to the broader community.
   (b)   The requesting organization must have been in existence for a minimum of two years and must provide a copy of its by-laws, charter or other records that document their existence, including, when applicable, documentation identifying the organization's tax status.
   (c)   An organization/applicant can apply for only one source of funds at a time from the city, including community funding.
   (d)   An applicant may apply for a two-year phased project or a one-year project.
   (e)   The population and geographic area to be served by project/event must be defined.  Should the population being served include adjacent political subdivisions (townships or county), applicant must also pursue support from those respective political bodies and show proof of such pursuit.
   (f)   Applicants must show other funding/support sources for the project. Support can be via in-kind contributions.
   (g)   The community/organizational impact of the project/event must be defined. The applicant must provide a report to the City Manager’s office stating the outcome of the project/event at its conclusion.
   (h)   Community funding must be used for the purposes designated in the original application and for such purposes only. Should an applicant fail to meet this requirement, the city may seek a return of the funds and declare the applicant ineligible for any future city funding.
   (i)   Awarded applicants must complete any post-project documentation demonstrating use of the funds as requested by the City Manager. The city shall be provided the ability to audit the financial records of the applicant.
   (j)   The applicant must state what the outcome will be if the proposed project/event is not funded.
   (k)   Applicants must obtain applications from and return applications to the City Manager’s office by the deadline set by the City Manager’s office.
   (l)   Funding assistance to schools within the City of Xenia is limited annually to one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per school project/event. PTOs and booster-type groups are not eligible applicants.
   (m)   City Council has the discretion to make exceptions to these guidelines.
(Ord. 06-45, passed 7-13-2006; Am. Ord. 15-12, passed 4-9-2015)