(a)   Provisions for Allotment of Personal Communication Devices.
      (1)   The City will purchase, or otherwise provide under other contractual arrangements, cellular telephones, pagers or personal organizers for City Councilmembers under the provisions stated herein.  Because of the very nature of the need for these devices, City Councilmembers should consider having it on their person at all times, with the exception of safety-related occasions and occasions where the equipment would be subjected to probable damage from water or other hazards or lost.
      (2)   The selection of specific rate plans will be made by the IT Division.  Rate plans will be adjusted from time to time as business usage dictates and contracts allow.  Rate plans will not be adjusted for the sole purpose of avoiding personal phone call charges.
   (b)   Acquisition of Personal Communication Devices.
      (1)   City Council members will follow the guidelines and procedures set forth by the Information Technology Division for the purchase and general use of the equipment.  If a City Councilmember needs a cell phone, or similar communications device, an upgrade for an existing device, or other equipment, a written request should be submitted to the IT Division.
      (2)   After receiving the request, the IT Division will arrange for the acquisition of the appropriate device through a vendor approved by the Division.  IT personnel will be responsible for coordinating the billing, training and technical support.
   (c)   (1)   Use of Electronic Communication Devices.
         A.   Use of cell phones and other communications devices is to be limited to official City business.  The use of City-provided personal communications devices for personal calls is prohibited, except in cases of emergency.  Under no circumstances are City-provided communications devices to be used for any private commercial enterprise in which an associate of the city may hold an interest.
         B.   The City subscribes to a communications plan with specific services (data, minutes, etc.).  The services provided in the plan are those which the City has deemed to be necessary in the performance of the Councilmembers' job functions.  The City may seek to recoup costs incurred when a member of Council uses a communication service for personal reasons or when the utilized service is not included in the plan.  The City may require a reimbursement of ten cents ($.10) per minute on personal calls and the amount of the overage or service not covered by the plan.  It is the Councilmembers' responsibility to know what services are available to them for the purpose of performing their job.
         C.   City Councilmembers shall, by the acceptance of a City-issued cellular phone or other device, confirm that they are responsible for adhering to the requirements of this employee rule and regulation and any subsequent amendments.
      (2)   Reimbursement for use of Personal Communication Devices. The City will reimburse Council members for official City business calls made on their own personal cell phone and the cost of the e-mail component.  Council will review any requests for reimbursements before payment is made.  A copy of the invoice, highlighting the City business call(s) or data plan must be attached to the request for reimbursement.  An explanation of the nature of the City business calls must be provided.  Calls will be reimbursed at a rate of ten cents ($.10) per minute.  If a member of Council is provided a cell phone from another employer, the City can reimburse the employer under a contractual arrangement for service.  Reimbursements should in no circumstance exceed the amount the City would pay for providing a cell phone.
      (3)   Use of Personal Communications Devices while Driving. City Council members should not use City-provided personal communications devices while operating a motor vehicle.  City Council members are asked to safely park the vehicle before operating any electronic device.
   (d)   Repairs and/or Replacement of Damaged Equipment.
      (1)   If there is a potential that equipment may be lost or damaged, the City Council member is responsible for making reasonable accommodations to protect this equipment.
      (2)   City-provided communications devices will be repaired or replaced as follows:
         A.   Equipment that requires repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear will be repaired or replaced at the expense of the city.
         B.   Equipment that requires repair or replacement due to negligence, including but not limited to: misuse, abuse, carelessness, misplacement, water damage, or other physical damage will be repaired or replaced at the expense of the city and will be subject to review by City Council for action.
   (e)   Policy Enforcement. Noncompliance with this policy by any Council member may result in a City Council review to determine the validity of any abuse of privileges or equipment.
EDITOR’S NOTE: This Policy was adopted by Resolution and therefore is not law and is provided herein for reference purposes only.