EDITOR’S NOTE:  This chapter, previously titled “City Commission,” was retitled “City Council” upon the adoption of a new City Charter on 11-3-1998.
   Ordinance 98-86, passed 12-10-1998, provides that all references to the City Commission in these Codified Ordinances, as well as in all ordinances, resolutions, motions, policies, procedures or any other document of the city, shall be construed to mean the City Council.  All references to any City Commissioner shall likewise be construed to mean City Councilman or City Councilwoman.
220.01   Regular meetings.
220.02   President and Vice-President.
220.03   Committees.
220.04   Order of business.
220.05   Introduction of ordinances and resolutions.
220.06   Reduction of motions to writing.
220.07   Recording votes of absent members.
220.08   Suspension, amendment or repeal of rules.
220.09   Robert’s Rules of Order.
220.10   Expenditures for guests of city officials.
220.11   Compensation.
220.12   Code of Conduct.
220.13   Policy on use of city-provided communications devices.
   City Council - see CHTR. Art. IV
   Authority to adopt technical codes - see CHTR. § 5.08
   Authority to appropriate for expenditures - see CHTR. §§ 9.06 et seq.
   Authority re public improvements - see CHTR. § 9.12
   Authority to fix salaries and bonds - see CHTR. § 13.02
   Deadline for filing candidacy petitions - see ADM. 212.01