Contracts for construction management and contracts for professional design services in an amount exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) that are not awarded by the process established in § 208.13 shall be awarded on the basis of qualifications of the potential contractor and price as determined by the City Manager or his or her designee.  Prospective contractors shall submit proposals in accordance with the instructions and specification of the city.  These proposals shall include price.  The city may reject any and all proposals.  The City Manager shall recommend to the City Council the lowest and best proposal, based on the qualifications of the contractor, price and other relevant factors.  These procedures are not intended to be formal bidding requirements, but rather an informal procedure to determine the best contractor to whom a contract should be awarded.  In addition to the requirements set forth in this section, all requirements of the Xenia City Charter and these Codified Ordinances shall be complied with.
(Ord. 96-64, passed 8-8-1996; Am. Ord. 03-23, passed 5-8-2003; Am. Ord. 12-23, passed 5-10-2012)