(a)   Subject to the system of preferences as set forth in Chapter 208 of the Xenia Codified Ordinances, and in accordance with sound fiscal management practices, contracts for the purchase of all equipment, materials and supplies by the City of Xenia, may be awarded to the lowest and best bidder.
   (b)   Prior to awarding a contract for the purchase of equipment, materials or supplies, or prior to entering into a contract for services, the City of Xenia may evaluate all bids received according to the criteria and procedures contained in §§ 208.04 and 208.05. The City of Xenia may select the lowest and best bids from among the bids that offer goods or services that have been produced in the City of Xenia or Xenia Township, where sufficient competition can be generated within the City of Xenia or Xenia Township, to insure that compliance with these requirements will not result in an excessive price for the product or service, or result in the purchase or acquisition of a disproportionately inferior product.
(Ord. 12-36, passed 7-26-2012)