TITLE TWO - General Provisions
            Chap. 200   Xenia City Code
            Chap. 202   Official Standards
            Chap. 204   Public Meetings and Public Records
            Chap. 206   Miscellaneous
         TITLE FOUR - Legislative Code
            Chap. 210   City Council
            Chap. 212   Ordinances, Resolutions, and Motions
            Chap. 214   Contracts, Purchasing, and Sale of Personal Property
         TITLE SIX - Administration
            Chap. 230. City Manager.
            Chap. 232. City Clerk.
            Chap. 234. Department of Law.
            Chap. 236. Department of Finance.
            Chap. 238. Department of Public Safety.
            Chap. 240. Division of Police.
            Chap. 242. Division of Fire.
            Chap. 244. Department of Public Service.
            Chap. 246. Department of Planning and Zoning.
            Chap. 248. Department of Parks and Recreation.
            Chap. 250. Department of Development.
            Chap. 252. Department of Human Resources.
            Chap. 254. Health Services.
            Chap. 260. Employees Generally.
         TITLE EIGHT - Boards, Commissions and Committees
            Chap. 269. General Provisions.
            Chap. 270. Planning and Zoning Commission.
            Chap. 272. Board of Zoning Appeals.
            Chap. 274. Civil Service Commission.
            Chap. 276. Community Relations Commission.
            Chap. 278. Board for Recreation, Arts and Cultural Activities.
            Chap. 280. City Beautification Commission. (Repealed)
            Chap. 282. Loan Trust Fund Committee.
            Chap. 283. Economic Development Advisory Board.
            Chap. 284. Traffic Commission.
            Chap. 286. Pretreatment Review Committee.
            Chap. 289. Records Commission and Public Records.
         TITLE TEN - Judiciary
            Chap. 290. Municipal Court.
         TITLE TWELVE - Fees
            Chap. 298. Fee Schedule.