Section 11.02.   Petition for Place on Ballot.
   Candidates for Council and Mayor shall be nominated only by petition.  The name of any elector of the City shall be printed and signed upon a petition which is to be filed with the Greene County Board of Elections.
      (1)   Such petitions shall state the name and place of residence of each person whose name is presented for a place upon the ballot, and that he or she is a candidate for Council or Mayor for the City of Xenia.
      (2)   Such petitions shall be signed by seventy-five (75) electors of the Municipality.
      (3)   An elector signing a petition shall add to his or her signature his or her place of residence with the street number, and the date of signing.  An elector may subscribe to one (1)  nominating petition for each of the offices to be filled, and no more.  All signatures shall be made in ink.
      (4)   Signatures of all the petitioners shall be on forms approved by the Greene County Board of Elections.
      (5)   No petition shall be signed by any elector more than one hundred twenty (120) days prior to the day of the election, and such petition shall be filed with the Board of Elections not less than ninety (90) days previous to the date of such election, except as hereinafter provided.
      (6)   Any person whose name has been submitted for nomination by any such petition shall file his or her acceptance of such nomination with the Board of Elections at the time of filing of his or her petition, except as hereinafter provided; otherwise his or her name shall not appear upon the ballot.
      (7)   Write-in candidates shall be permitted for the office of Council member in accordance with Ohio election laws.