Section 9.07.   Amendments After Adoption.
   (A)   Supplemental Appropriations.  If during the fiscal year the Finance Director certifies that there are available for appropriation revenues in excess of those estimated in the budget, the City Council by ordinance may make supplemental appropriations for the year up to the amount of such excess.
   (B)   Emergency Appropriations.  To meet a public emergency affecting the peace, health or safety of the inhabitants of the City, or the necessary daily operations of some Municipal department or public utility, the City Council may make emergency appropriations.  Such appropriations may be made by emergency ordinance in accordance with the provisions of Section 5.04 of this Charter.  To the extent that there are no available unappropriated revenues or a sufficient fund balance to meet such appropriations, the Council may by such emergency ordinance authorize the issuance of notes, which may be renewed from time to time.
   (C)   Reduction of Appropriations.  If at any time during the fiscal year it appears probable to the City Manager and the Finance Director that the revenues or fund balances available will be insufficient to finance the expenditures for which appropriations have been authorized, the Manager shall report to the City Council without delay.  The estimated amount of the deficit, any remedial action taken by the Manager, and recommendations as to any other steps to be taken shall be indicated.  The Council shall then take such further action as it deems necessary to prevent or reduce any deficit and for that purpose it may, by ordinance, reduce one (1) or more appropriations.
   (D)   Transfer of Appropriations.  At any time during the fiscal year the City Council may by ordinance or resolution transfer part or all of the unencumbered appropriation balance from one (1) department or major organizational unit to the appropriation for another department or major organizational unit.  The Finance Director may transfer part or all of any unencumbered appropriation balances for any department or organizational unit, provided that such transfers are within existing appropriations and shall report such transfers to the Council in writing in a timely manner.
   (E)   Limitation; Effective Date.  No appropriation for debt service may be reduced or transferred, and no appropriation may be reduced below any amount required by law to be appropriated or by more than the amount of the unencumbered balance thereof.  The supplemental and emergency appropriations and reduction or transfer of appropriations authorized by this section may be made effective immediately upon adoption.