Section 9.05.   City Council Action on the Budget.
   (A)   Notice and Hearing.  The City Council shall publish in one (1) or more newspapers of general circulation in the City, and/or by other electronic media, a general summary of the budget and a notice stating:
      (1)   The times and places where copies of the message and budget are available for inspection by the public, and,
      (2)   The time and place, not less than two (2) weeks after such publication, for a public hearing on the budget.
   (B)   Amendment Before Adoption.  After the public hearing, the City Council may adopt the budget with or without amendment.  In amending the budget, the Council may add or increase programs or amounts and may delete or decrease any programs or amounts, except expenditures required by law for debt service, provided that no amendment to the budget shall increase the authorized expenditures to an amount greater than total estimated income.
   (C)   Adoption.  The City Council shall adopt the budget on or before the first day of April of the fiscal year covered by the budget.  If it fails to adopt the budget by this date, the budget proposed by the City Manager, as amended by Council, shall go into effect.  Copies of the budget may be purchased by members of the public at cost.