Section 8.02.   Duties, Power and Composition.
   All boards and commissions established by the City Council in accordance with this Charter shall be advisory committees, with the exception of the Board of Zoning Appeals, which shall have complete authority in accordance with adopted ordinances and State law.
   Except for the Civil Service Commission, which is governed by Section 10.03 of this Charter, boards and commissions shall consist of five (5) qualified residents from the City of Xenia and shall be chaired by a member of City Council.
   Each board or commission shall conduct public meetings at times established or designated by City Council, which shall also establish rules of procedure for each board or commission.  The rules of order for all boards and commissions shall be the same as for City Council as prescribed in Section 4.14 of this Charter.  All boards and commissions, except the Board of Zoning Appeals, shall have no legislative or judicial power and shall advise City Council on matters designated to each board or commission by Council.  The Chairperson shall establish an agenda for his or her board or commission meeting and shall have no voting privilege, excepting in the event of a tie.
   A majority vote of the total membership, excluding the Chairperson, of a board or commission, is required to approve or disapprove any matter coming before each board or commission.  All business conducted by each board or commission shall be in accordance with this Charter, the City of Xenia Codified Ordinances and State Law.
   In the event a Council member is unable to chair a board or commission so assigned, the Council shall designate an alternate Council member to chair that board or commission.