Section 7.03.   Citizen Complaints.
   The City Council shall establish the City of Xenia Mediation Services under the direction and  supervision of the Law Director.  In the event that a citizen of Xenia has a complaint about the implementation of any City policy, practice or ordinance by any City department, that citizen may file a complaint with the City of Xenia Mediation Services.  Upon receiving a citizen complaint,  Mediation Services shall act in the role of ombudsman and schedule a mediation between the complaining citizen and the City division or department head or appointed official responsible for the implementation of the City policy, practice or ordinance.  A quarterly report shall be sent to the City Council summarizing the number of complaints received in that quarter, along with a summary of the outcomes of the mediations.  Mediation is not a disciplinary or an adjudicatory body out of which discipline or legal orders are issued.  The purpose of  mediation is to provide a forum for the citizens of Xenia to present and resolve complaints concerning the operation and practices of the City and its various departments.