Section 6.06.   Powers and Duties of the Law Director.
   The Law Director shall be the head of the Department of Law.  The Law Director shall:
      (1)   Act as legal advisor to and attorney for the City, and all of its departments, agencies, officials and employees, as directed by Council.
      (2)   Prepare all contracts, surety or indemnification bonds or other instruments in writing in which the City is concerned, and provide his or her endorsement thereon for approval only as to the form and correctness thereof, provided that bonds, notes and other debt obligations are exempted from this requirement, and no contract or other written instrument shall be valid until the Law Director gives endorsement thereon.
      (3)   Prosecute all misdemeanor offenses in the Xenia Municipal Court.
      (4)   Appoint or employ assistants or employees to assist the Law Director in the performance of the official duties of the office, and discipline or remove the same when necessary for the good of the service, pursuant to rules adopted by ordinance of Council or as otherwise provided by law.
      (5)   Perform such other duties as Council may require or as provided by law.
      (6)   With the consent of Council, employ special counsel to handle particular legal matters for the Municipality.