Section 6.04   Powers and Duties of the Finance Director.
   The Finance Director shall be the head of the Department of Finance.  The Finance Director shall:
      (1)   Issue all warrants for the payment of money by or on behalf of the City.
      (2)   Keep an accurate account of all taxes and assessments.
      (3)   Act as the fiscal manager and advisor for the City, and hire and employ such assistants and employees as Council may authorize, and discipline or remove any such employees when necessary for the good of the service, pursuant to rules adopted by ordinance of Council or otherwise provided by law.
      (4)   Keep an accurate account of all monies due to and all receipts and disbursements made by the City, or its assets and liabilities, and of all appropriations made by the Council.
      (5)   Keep the City Council and City Manager fully advised as to the financial condition of the City.
      (6)   Assist the City Manager in the preparation and presentation of the annual budget and capital plan for the City Council.
      (7)   Audit the accounts of the several departments of the City at least once each fiscal year, unless requested to do so more frequently by Council, and provide cash management services for the City.
      (8)   Prescribe the method of keeping the accounts of all City departments, showing the receipt of all monies by such departments and the disposition thereof, at such time as the Finance Director shall determine.
      (9)   Perform all other duties as may be required by Council, as well as other persons holding the position of auditor or treasurer under the laws of the State of Ohio applicable to municipalities and not inconsistent with this Charter, except that nothing contained herein shall be construed as to impose upon the Finance Director any duty or responsibility imposed by State law which is not required by this Charter.
      (10)   Act as the custodian and manager of all monies of the City, keeping and preserving the same in such manner and form as Council may by ordinance or resolution direct.