Section 5.04.   Emergency Ordinances and Resolutions.
   To meet a public emergency affecting the peace, health or safety of the inhabitants of the City, or for the preservation of their lives or property, or to insure the necessary daily operations of some Municipal department or public utility, the Council may adopt one or more emergency ordinances or resolutions.  Ordinances or resolutions for the appropriation of money may be declared emergency measures.  Such ordinances or resolutions may not, however, levy taxes; grant, renew or extend a franchise; or regulate the rate of a public utility for its services.  An emergency ordinance or resolution shall be introduced in the form and manner provided for ordinances or resolutions generally, except that it shall be plainly designated as an emergency ordinance or resolution and shall, after the enacting clause, contain a declaration stating that an emergency exists and describing it in clear and specific terms.  An emergency ordinance or resolution may be adopted with or without amendment or rejected at the meeting at which it is introduced, but the affirmative vote of five (5) members of Council shall be required for adoption.  After adoption, the ordinance or resolution shall be published as prescribed for other adopted ordinances or resolutions.  It shall become effective upon adoption or at such time and date as it may by its terms specify.