Section 5.02.   Action Requiring an Ordinance or Resolution.
   In addition to other acts required by law or by specific provision of this Charter to be done by ordinance or resolution, those acts of the City Council shall be by ordinance or resolution which:
      (1)   Adopt or amend an administrative code or establish, alter, or abolish any City department, office, board, commission or other agency;
      (2)   Provide for a time or fine or other penalty or establish a rule or regulation for violation of which a fine or other penalty is imposed;
      (3)   Levy taxes;
      (4)   Grant, renew or extend a franchise;
      (5)   Regulate the rate charged for its services by a public utility;
      (6)   Authorize the borrowing of money;
      (7)   Convey or lease or authorize the conveyance or lease of any lands of the City;
      (8)   Regulate land use and development;
      (9)   Exercise the police power granted the City by Article XVIII of the Ohio Constitution;
      (10)   Amend or repeal any ordinance previously adopted; and
      (11)   Fulfill other purposes, as the Council may determine.
   Acts other than those referred to in the preceding sentence may be done either by ordinance, resolution, or motion.