Section 4.14.   Council Meetings: Organization, Meeting Frequency, Public Meetings, Rules and Journal, Quorum and Vote to Pass Legislation.
   (A)   Organization.  The Council shall hold its organizational meeting at its first regularly scheduled meeting in January of each year.  At such meeting the newly elected members of Council shall take the oath of office, Council shall elect a President and a Vice President,  and Council shall proceed to transact such other business that may come before it.
   (B)   President and Vice President.  A President and Vice President of Council shall be elected by a majority vote of Council members at the first regularly scheduled meeting in January of each year.  No Council member is qualified to hold the office of President or Vice President unless he or she has served on the Council for two or more years.  The President shall serve for a one (1)-year term and shall preside over all City Council meetings.  In addition, the President shall approve the agenda for City Council meetings and perform such other duties as required by this Charter, any ordinance or City Council.  The Vice President shall serve for a one (1)-year term and during the absence of the President shall fulfill the duties of the President.  The Mayor shall not hold the office of President or Vice President; however, during temporary absences of both the President and the Vice President, the Mayor shall preside over City Council meetings.  Should the President or Vice President resign or be unable to serve, City Council shall elect a qualified member of Council to serve the remainder of the President’s or Vice President’s term.
   (C)   Meeting Frequency.  The Council shall meet two (2) times each month, and, in addition, meetings may be called by the presiding officer or by four (4) members of Council.  The regular meetings of the City Council shall be held on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month or at such other time as determined by the presiding officer or by four (4) members of Council.
   (D)   Public Meetings.  All meetings for whatever purpose called, whether administrative or legislative, shall be open to the public, except as otherwise provided by law, and the record of Council, which shall be kept of all its business, both legislative and administrative, shall be open for inspection by the public.
   (E)   Rules; Journal.  The City Council shall determine its own rules and order of business and shall provide for keeping a journal of its proceedings.  The journal shall be a public record.
   (F)   Quorum and Vote to Pass Legislation.  A majority of the membership of the Council shall be a quorum to transact business, but a lesser number, greater than one (1), may reconvene from day to day and compel the attendance of the other members and under such penalty as may be provided by ordinance or resolution.  The affirmative vote of four (4) members of the Council shall be necessary to pass any ordinance or resolution, except an emergency ordinance pursuant to Section 5.04 of this Charter, and the vote on the passage of each ordinance or resolution shall be taken by a yea or nay vote upon a roll call, and shall be entered in the journal.