Section 4.01.   Powers, Composition, Qualifications, and Term.
   (A)   Powers.  The Council shall exercise all the powers, rights and authority vested in and exercised by the City of Xenia and its several officers, or which may hereafter be granted to the City.  All the powers exercised, or which may be exercised hereafter, by municipal corporations are hereby vested in the Council, subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the State of Ohio, and the Council may provide, by ordinance, how any power shall be exercised.
   (B)   Composition.  The Xenia City Council shall consist of seven (7) members, including the Mayor.
   (C)   Qualifications.  No candidate for Council in this City shall be eligible for office unless he or she has all the qualifications of an elector at the time of filing a petition for the election for which he or she is a candidate, and he or she has been an actual resident of the City at least two (2) years immediately prior to the election; and he or she shall forfeit his or her office when he or she ceases to be an actual resident of the City.  He or she shall hold no other elective office under Greene County, the State of Ohio or the United States.
   (D)   Term.  All elected members of the Council shall hold office for a term of four (4) years, except as herein provided, and successors shall be elected at the next general Municipal election before the expiration of their term of office, which term of office shall be subject to recall, as hereinafter provided.