(a)   Receipt.  Property tax moneys from the property tax levy of three-tenths of one mill upon all the real and personal property listed for taxation in the City, as required under and for the purposes listed in ORC 742.34 shall be receipted into the City's Police and Fire Fund.
   (b)   Use of Levy Proceeds.  The annual revenues derived from the property tax levied under ORC 742.34 in the Police and Fire Fund shall be used in the following order:
      (1)   First, to pay the current firefighter employers' contribution to the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund, and any interest related thereto;
      (2)   Second, to pay any accrued liability chargeable to the City during the current calendar year for its former police relief and pension fund or any interest related thereto; and
      (3)   Third, to defray the current operating expenses of the City.
Statutory Reference ORC 742.34
(Ord. 2019-19. Passed 09/26/19)