(a)   Assistants.  In accordance with Section 6.06 of the City's Charter, the Law Director may appoint or employ assistants or employees to assist the Law Director when such positions have been authorized by Council.  All such assistants and employees shall be responsible to the Law Director, and when authorized by him or her, may exercise all or any part of the powers, duties, and functions granted to the Law Director under the City's Charter, this Chapter or relevant State statute.
   (b)   Special Counsel.  As provided in Section 6.06 of the City's Charter, with the consent of Council, the Law Director may employ special counsel to handle particular legal matters for the City, and such special counsel may perform those powers, duties and functions as authorized by and in the manner, subject to the direction of the Law Director.
(Ord. 2018-27. Passed 09/13/18)