(a)    Renewal Request. A Resident Owner seeking renewal of an existing valid Special Use Permit to operate a Bed and Breakfast Establishment shall file eleven (11) copies of Renewal Application to the City Manager not more than ninety (90) days and not less than sixty (60) days before its July 31 expiration. All such Renewal Applications shall include the following information:
      (1)    A statement and relevant information indicating that the operation has been conducted in accordance with the terms, conditions, and provisions of the current permit.
      (2)    A statement detailing any proposed changes from the Original Application and the rationale for requesting such changes.
   (b)    City Manager Review. The City Manager shall inspect the property within ten (10) days of receiving such renewal request to ensure that the Bed and Breakfast Establishment is in compliance with the provisions of the original Special Use Permit and that the property has been maintained in accordance with the applicable provisions of Chapters 1197 and 1357 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Wyoming.
   The City Manager shall submit a report to City Council thereon within twenty (20) days of the renewal request.
   (c)    City Council Review. Within thirty five (35) days of receiving the renewal request and report from the City Manager, City Council shall conduct a public hearing on the renewal request and make a decision as soon thereafter as practicable.
      (1)    If after considering the renewal request and the City Manager's report and conducting a public hearing, City Council finds continuing compliance with the Chapter and the terms of the Special Use Permit, City Council may authorize the City Manager to renew the Special Use Permit for an additional one-year period expiring on July 31st upon the payment of the Special Use Permit fee in accordance with the most current schedule of fees adopted by City Council.
      (2)    If City Council finds that the Bed and Breakfast Establishment has not been operated in accordance with the tenus of the existing Permit, City Council shall do one of the following:
         A.   Require compliance with the existing Permit. City Council may require the applicant    to modify its operations so as to comply with the existing Permit, Ordinance, and Deed of Acceptance.
            1.   Minor changes. City Council may approve minor changes in the operation of the Bed and Breakfast Establishment from the terms of the existing Permit without requiring a change to the Ordinance granting the existing Permit.
            2.   Major changes: Major changes in the operation of the Bed and Breakfast Establishment from the existing Permit shall require a revision to the Ordinance approving the existing Permit. City Council shall treat the Renewal Application as a new Original Application in accordance with the procedures of Section 1197.03 (d). Prior to making a decision on the application, City Council may, at its discretion, refer the Renewal Application to the Planning Commission for its review and recommendation in accordance with the procedures of Section 1197.03 (c), except that the Planning Commission shall issue its recommendation to City Council within thirty-five (35) days of receiving such referral.
         B.   Rescind permit. City Council may advise the City Manager to rescind the Permit and to issue a cease and desist order or seek other remedies under the law.
            (Ord. 12-2012. Passed 10-15-12.)