An application requesting the approval of a Special Use Permit for a Bed and Breakfast Establishment shall minimally include the following information:
   (a)    The name and contact information of the Resident Owner(s) of the subject property.
   (b)    An area map showing all properties within 200 feet of the subject property, including the addresses, Hamilton County Auditor's book, plat and parcel numbers, the owners' names and mailing addresses, and the existing uses of the properties. Provided that if there are not 25 property owners within 200 feet of the subject property the area map shall be enlarged to show all properties within 300 feet of the subject property.
   (c)    A dimensioned Site Plan and Plat of Survey of the property identifying the property corners, the type, size, and location of the existing improvements including, but not limited to, buildings, paved sidewalks and parking areas, and any proposed improvements, and the location of any proposed off-site parking areas.
   (d)    A detailed Floor Plan of the entire home, drawn to scale, showing the uses, size and location of all rooms and detailing the Non-Resident Guest Rooms and their associated Dedicated Bathrooms and any other areas that will be used for, or available to, the Non-Resident Guests.
   (e)    A detailed written description of any changes that will be made to the interior or exterior of the property to accommodate the Bed and Breakfast Establishment.
   (f)    An Operations Plan detailing how the Bed and Breakfast Establishment will be run on a day-to-day basis, which Resident Family Members or other individuals will be involved in the operation thereof, and the other aspects of the operation.
   (g)    A statement detailing the anticipated impact of the Bed and Breakfast Establishment on the surrounding neighborhood.
   (h)    A dimensioned drawing indicating the size and location of any sign that is proposed to be installed to identify the Bed and Breakfast Establishment.
      (Ord. 12-2012. Passed 10-15-12.)