All applications for permits hereunder shall comply with the following design criteria:
   (a)   Communication towers shall be sited so that the installation will minimize the visual intrusion of any tower in any commercial district as viewed from adjoining properties;
   (b)   The base of such structure, and required fencing shall be landscaped so as to shield the view of such base and fencing from the surrounding properties;
   (c)   Underground wiring to the site and to the tower shall be required;
   (d)   All communication towers shall be so painted as to blend in with the surrounding properties in the immediate vicinity of the communication tower;
   (e)   All communication towers shall be self-standing and not supported by any external wires or guidelines;
   (f)   All communication towers shall be suitably fenced with a six foot high fence to protect the communication tower from trespass or the tower shall be equipped with anti-climbing devices; and
   (g)   No tower or antennae shall be equipped with lights or signage unless specifically required by the F.C.C., F.A.A., the City of Wyoming, or other regulatory authority. Any such lighting or signage must be clearly identified in the application.
(Ord. 12-2012. Passed 10-15-12.)