(a)   Communication towers shall only be permitted in the E-Commercial zoning district or on municipal properties of five acres or more when located in residential districts in the City of Wyoming and antennae for communication distribution systems shall be permitted on existing commercial buildings located in the E-Commercial districts and on municipal and school structures located in residential districts.
   (b)   No installation of a communication tower or accessory structure or building shall be within 200 feet of the nearest residential district when erected on a property within the E-Commercial district or within 200 feet of an adjoining residential property, when erected on a municipal property; except that, if a tower is located adjacent to the railroad right-of-way along the easterly border of the City, a minimum set back of five feet shall be required by this chapter.
   (c)   No communication tower shall exceed 150 feet in height and all communication towers and accessory buildings shall be set back from all property lines a minimum distance equal to 1.2 feet for every foot of tower height; except as provided in subsection (b) hereof.
   (d)   In order to avoid the proliferation of towers within the City, communication towers shall be capable of being shared with other entities wishing to transmit, receive or relay signals to or from the City of Wyoming and co-location of multiple receivers or transmitters shall be required unless the applicant can demonstrate that no existing communication towers or building can accommodate the applicant's proposed antennae. All towers shall be designed and constructed so as to be able to support the equipment of two additional providers of similar antennae as applicant.
   (e)   Equipment, mobile or immobile, not used in direct support of the transmission or relay facility, shall not be stored or parked on the site except in connection with the repair or maintenance of any communication tower.
   (f)   All communication towers shall be fully automated and no one shall be stationed at any communication tower.
   (g)   All obsolete or unused communication towers shall be removed within twelve months of ceasing operation, and in order to insure such removal, any person or entity applying for a permit shall provide a performance bond made payable to the City of Wyoming to ensure such communication tower's removal.
   (h)   No communication tower shall be permitted within a one mile radius of any other communication tower unless there are not suitable locations outside of said one mile radius. Under no circumstances shall a communication tower be located within 2000 linear feet of another communication tower.
   (i)   All applicants for communication distribution systems shall first attempt to utilize or locate within or on existing structures within and outside of the City of Wyoming such as water towers, church steeples, public utility facilities or existing towers. Prior to granting any permit to construct a communication tower, the applicant must demonstrate that they cannot install a communication distribution system on an existing structure and must submit proof that they have contacted all property owners within a one mile radius whose properties contain such buildings or structures and that they are unable to locate their equipment on such properties.
   (j)   All communication towers, antennae, and communication distribution systems shall comply with all Federal Communication Commission guidelines and also comply with all FAA requirements, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Applicant shall submit a report, prepared by a qualified engineer, that qualifies the projects radio frequency exposures and compares them to the adopted standards. Upon installation, the provider shall submit a field report which shall provide the projects cumulative field measurements of radio frequency power densities, quantify total radio frequency exposures and provide a comparison with the accepted standards.
   (k)   Personal Communication Systems shall be permitted on all utility poles or other improvements as deemed appropriate by the City within the City of Wyoming right-of-ways provided that suitable licenses, easements or franchises rights are negotiated with the City of Wyoming and public utilities. (Ord. 12-2012. Passed 10-15-12.)