(a)   "Antenna" are devices for the receiving and transmitting of wireless communication, and include whip antennae, panel antennae, and dish antennae.
   (b)   "Communication tower" means a structure over thirty-five feet in height that is designed to support a communication distribution system intended for transmitting, receiving, or relaying television, radio, telephone, or other communications.
   (c)   "Communication distribution system" includes antennae for cellular telephone, AM and FM, microwave, pagers, television systems and other electronic communication systems.
   (d)   "Dish antenna" (also known as "microwave dishes") emit microwaves and shall measure no greater than six feet in diameter and three feet in depth.
   (e)   "Height" means the measurement taken from the lowest point of the grade at the base of the tower including any foundation, pier or piling that projects above the grade to the highest point of the tower including the antennae.
   (f)   "Panel antennae" (also known as "sector antennae") have vertical and horizontal planes that aim signals in specific directions and generally measure four to five feet in height, six to twelve inches in width and six to eight inches in depth.
   (g)   "Personal communication systems" means communication distribution systems using digital technology utilizing micro cells with antennae located on utility poles and macro cells utilizing antennae on the top or side of buildings or on communication towers.
   (h)   "Set back" means the distance from the property line to the nearest portion of the tower, including any exposed pier, piling or foundation.
   (i)   "Whip antennae" (also known as "stick omni directional" or "pipe antennae") emit signals in a 360o horizontal plane and a compressed vertical plane. Shaped cylindrically, whip antennae have diameters between two and six inches and measure between one and eighteen feet in height.
(Ord. 12-2012. Passed 10-15-12.)