(A)   Before any order shall be given for items to be paid by the town or any purchase made by any town employees, a purchase order must first be obtained from the Finance Officer if the amount of purchase exceeds $500.
   (B)   The Finance Officer may issue the purchase order only when there are sufficient funds for the purchase and in accordance with the annual budget as allocated by the Board of Aldermen in the annual budget ordinance.
   (C)   Any town employee purchasing goods exceeding $500 without a purchase order from the Finance Officer will be held responsible for the cost of same.
   (D)   The Finance Officer may change the amount necessary for a purchase order as deemed necessary, provided that this action and amount are reported to the Board of Aldermen at its next meeting.
('72 Code, § 7-2)  (Am. Ord. 1250, passed 5-18-95; Am. Ord. 1293, passed 9-11-97; Am. Ord. 1721, passed 1-23-14)