The Planning Board shall have the following powers and duties:
   (A)  Studies.  To make careful studies of present conditions and the probable future development of the town and its environs.  Such studies may include but are not limited to land use surveys; population studies; economic base studies; schools, parks, and recreation studies; traffic studies; and urban renewal studies.
   (B)  Comprehensive plan.  To formulate and maintain a comprehensive plan of the town and its environs for the purpose of achieving a coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development of the municipality which would promote, in accordance with present and future needs, the safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare of its citizens; efficiency and economy in the process of development; convenience of traffic; safety from fire and other dangers; adequate light and air; healthful and convenient distribution of population; provision of adequate open spaces; good civic design and arrangement; wise and efficient expenditures of public funds; adequate provision for public utilities; and other matters pertaining to public requirements.  The comprehensive plan shall consist of a number of parts which may include but not be limited to the following:  a land use plan, a major thoroughfare plan, a utilities plan, a plan for economic development, a recreation plan, a school plan, and a community facilities plan.
   (C)   Zoning ordinances.  To suggest revisions from time to time to the existing zoning ordinances and to make other recommendations as the Planning Board deems appropriate from time to time to the Board of Aldermen regarding zoning ordinances.
   (D)  Subdivision regulations.  To suggest revisions from time to time to the existing subdivision regulations and to make other recommendations as the Planning Board deems appropriate from time to time to the Board of Aldermen regarding subdivision ordinances.
   (E)  Powers of review.  To review and make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen upon the extent, location, and design of all public structures and facilities; on the acquisition and disposal of public properties; on the opening, abandonment, widening, extension, narrowing, or other change to streets and other public ways; and on the construction, extension, expansion, or abandonment of utilities, whether publicly or privately owned.  However, in the absence of a recommendation from the Planning Board after the expiration of 30 days from the date on which the question has been submitted in writing to the Board, the Board of Aldermen may if it deems wise, take final action.
   (F)  Annual report.  To submit, in April of each year, to the Board of Aldermen, a report of its activities, for the preceding year.
   (G)   Prior approval by the Board of Aldermen.  In exercising the powers and duties set forth herein, the Planning Board is authorized to appoint committees made up in whole or in part of citizens of the town who are not members of the Planning Board.  Provided, however, that the creation of the committees and the appointments thereto shall be subject to the prior approval of the Board of Aldermen.
   (H)    Staff support.  The Town Manager shall be responsible for appointing staff personnel to support the activities of the Planning Board.  The Town Manager shall designate those staff members so appointed in writing and shall provide a copy of the designation to the Planning Board Chairman.  The Planning Board shall not utilize the services of any staff personnel other than those so designated without the prior approval of the Town Manager.
('72 Code, § 2-16)  (Ord., passed 3-20-69; Am. Ord. 1170, passed 3-12-92)
Statutory reference:
   Planning Board duties, see G.S. § 160A-361