(A)   There shall be a Chairman and Vice Chairman elected annually by the Board members at the regular meeting in February.  The Board shall adopt Rules of Procedure which shall  be  effective  following approval by the Board of Aldermen.  The Board shall keep minutes of meetings, records of the members' attendance and resolutions, discussions, findings and recommendations, all of which minutes and such records shall be furnished to the Board of Aldermen.  The records shall be considered public records.  The Board shall hold at least one meeting each month and all meetings shall be open to the public and subject to the provisions of G.S. Chapter 143, Article 33C regarding open meetings.
   (B)   The Board of Aldermen shall have the authority to remove any member who misses three consecutive regular meetings or more than four total meetings during his or her membership on the Planning Board.  It shall be the responsibility of the Chairman of the Planning Board to advise the Board of Aldermen of any member who misses three consecutive regular meetings or more than a total of four meetings.  In the event the Board of Aldermen removes a member because of his or her failure to comply with the attendance requirements set forth herein, the Board of Aldermen shall notify the Chairman of the Planning Board, in writing, that the member has been removed.  Each member shall notify the Chairman or the Planning staff at least 48 hours before a regular meeting when an absence is anticipated.
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Statutory reference:
   Meetings open to public, see G.S. § 143-318.10