(A)  In the event that an improperly maintained pier, dock, or other structure now exists or will exist in the future, after the owner of the pier, dock, or other structure has been notified by the Building Inspector and has failed to repair and bring the structure into a safe condition, the town may remove entirely this structure and its appurtenances and dispose of all materials, refuse, and wreckage therefrom. The town may assess against the property owner the cost of the removal which shall become a lien upon his property payable immediately. After a period of 60 days there shall be assessed an additional interest rate of 6% until the cost is paid.
   (B)  Any structure, pier, dock, piling, dolphin, fender, or other structure which now exists and is considered to be in bad condition may be removed by the town after notification of the owner, in the manner described in this section, by the Inspector, and the cost thereof assessed against the property.
('72 Code, § 15-17)