(A)  Any property owner fronting upon the inland waters of the sounds and channels within the town who desires to construct a pier, dock, or similar structure and who has riparian rights including the right of using the water frontage for the construction of a pier or dock, shall apply in writing to the Building Inspector requesting a permit to construct the pier or dock.  All requests for the construction, maintenance, or extension of the structures shall be submitted in writing in accordance with the requirements of this subchapter.
   (B)  The Inspector shall require the applicant to submit as a part of the written application information, plans, and other data necessary to determine adequately the complete conformity of the construction to this and other chapters and ordinances applicable to the structures.
   (C)  An application shall include a drawing/survey to scale drawn by a licensed registered professional surveyor and bearing his or her seal.  The survey shall show the mean high water line, the applicant’s property lines projected on each side, and the pierhead line and all existing piers, structures, bulkheads, or other construction within 15 feet of the applicant’s property lines projected.
   (D)  The Inspector shall have prepared forms which shall be available to persons wishing to apply during normal office hours.  All applicants shall secure and submit to the Inspector the completed form, properly signed by the property owner.  The applicant shall attach thereto suitable plans satisfactory to the Inspector which shall include existing facilities, if any, and which shall reflect the dimensions of various components of the new and existing structures.  (See division (C) above, §§ 150.12, 150.13, 150.14 and 150.15.)
   (E)  There shall be on display in the Town Building Inspector's office or thereabouts the pierhead line map which provides dimension control for the outward limits of pier extensions.
   (F)  Plans shall include a complete floor plan of the pier, dock, or other structure; detailed cross-sections through the access pier and pierhead or T at its end; information as to the size, length, and treatment of piling to be used and its penetration into hard ground; the methods of fastening and connecting all members of the pier; sufficient detailing of superstructures to be constructed on the pier, such as floats, stairs, hand-railings, all types of boxes and lockers, or other facilities to be placed thereon.
('72 Code, § 15-10; Am. Ord. 1152, passed 8-22-91)