(A)   The film permit may be suspended or revoked by the Town Manager, or his designee, if the permittee, its agents, employees or contractors, fails to comply with the requirements as set forth in this chapter, or with conditions imposed in the filming permit; or, if the Town Manager or his designee determines that the permit was issued based on false or misleading information, or that the public safety or welfare is being imperiled by the filming activity.
   (B)   If a permit is suspended or revoked, the production company shall cease operations immediately.  The permit shall only be reactivated upon approval of the Town Manager, or his designee.
   (C)   Except for activities necessary to close down the location and remove equipment and other property of the permit holder, no permittee shall allow any filming activity to continue after the suspension or revocation of a film permit pursuant to this section.
   (D)   Appeals of the permit suspension or revocation shall be conducted in the manner specified in § 116.06.
(Ord. 1278, passed 8-8-96)