The following rules shall be observed by all operators of pool rooms within the town:
   (A)   No play on any table shall be allowed during the times when pool rooms are required by this chapter to remain closed.
   (B)   All pool rooms shall be operated only on the ground floor of a building, and clear glass windows of a size not less than 50% of the frontal area shall be in those parts of the building facing any street, so that a clear view may be had from the street.
   (C)   No screens, curtains, blinds, partitions, or other obstructions shall be placed between the entrance to the room where pool is played and the rear wall of the room. A clear view of the interior from the entrance to the rear of the room must be maintained at all times.
   (D)   No partitions forming rooms, stalls, or other enclosures where the public congregates shall be permitted; however, this shall not be construed so as to prohibit the maintenance of closets used exlusively for storage purposes, or of toilets.
   (E)   There shall not be permitted or maintained any open or secret connections through doors, windows, trap doors, hidden doors, panels, stairways, or other devices within any place.
   Remedies for violations of this section, see §§ 113.43 and 113.44