For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   "AGENT." The person having the agency for the manufacturer, producer, or distributor.
   "BUSINESS." Any business, trade, occupation, profession, avocation, or calling of any kind, subject by the provision of this chapter to a license tax.
   "DANCE HALL." Any place where the public is allowed to dance in a public dance hall or public business establishment.
   "ENGAGED IN THE BUSINESS." Engaged in the business as owner or operator.
   "FISCAL YEAR." The period beginning with July l and ending with June 30 next following.
   "LIVE MUSIC." Any music produced by one or more persons singly or in concert with one another, vocally or by means of any musical instrument, whether the music is produced professionally or otherwise.
   "PLACE OF AMUSEMENT." Any pool hall, game room, billiard hall, bowling alley, combination of these, or other establishment at which any game is played for a fee or charge (whether direct or indirect).
   "PUBLIC PLACE." Any place that is open to the public for business on either a seasonal or year-round basis.
   "QUARTER." Any three consecutive months. ('72 Code, § 5-l)