(A)   The town may use any of the following methods to collect a deficiency:
      (1)   Criminal prosecution in accordance with § 110.55(A).
      (2)   Equitable relief in accordance with § 110.55(B).
      (3)   The remedies of levy and sale and attachment and garnishment, in accordance with G.S. § 160A-207. 
      (4)   The remedies of levy and sale of real and personal property of the taxpayer within the town in accordance with the provisions of G.S. § 105-109. 
   (b)   Any person who commences or continues to conduct a business taxed under this ordinance without payment of the tax is liable for the additional tax of 5% each 30 days, imposed by G.S. § 105-109.
('72 Code, § 7-4.31)(Ord. 1090, passed 1-12-89)