§ 110.30  REVOCATION.
   (A)   The town shall revoke a license if a reason exists to revoke it as set forth in § 110.26. Before the town may revoke a license, it shall give the licensee written notice of the grounds for revocation, pursuant to § 110.36. The licensee may within ten days after the day on which notice is served request a conference with the town in writing. The request shall specify the reasons why the license should not be revoked. The town shall arrange the conference within a reasonable time.
   (B)   If the licensee fails to request a conference within ten days after the day on which notice is served, the town shall revoke the license. If the licensee requests a conference, the town may not revoke the license until after the conference.
   (C)   If the town revokes a license, the former licensee may apply for a new license at any time thereafter. If the reason for which the license was revoked no longer exists and if no other reason exists for refusing to issue a license, the town shall issue the license pursuant to § 110.28.
('72 Code, § 7-4.15)(Ord. 1090, passed 1-12-89)