(A)   After receipt of the completed application, if the town believes that a reason exists for refusing a license under § 110.26, it shall refuse to accept payment of the tax and shall not issue the license. At the applicant's request, the town shall, pursuant to § 110.36, give him a written statement of the reason for refusing the license. The applicant may, within ten days after the date he receives this statement, request a conference to discuss the refusal. In his request, he shall specify why his application for a license should not be refused. The town shall arrange the conference within a reasonable time.
   (B)   If the town refuses to issue a license, the applicant may reapply for a license at any time thereafter. If the reason for which the application was refused no longer exists, and if no other reason exists for refusing to issue a license, the town shall issue the license pursuant to § 110.28.
('72 Code, § 7-4.12)(Ord. 1090, passed 1-12-89)