§ 110.25  APPLICATION.
   (A)   A person shall apply to the town for each license required by this chapter no less than 30 days before the date the tax is due.
   (B)   The application, which shall be submitted on forms provided by the town, shall contain:
      (1)   The name of the applicant and whether he or it is an individual, a partnership, a corporation, or some other entity.
      (2)   The nature of the business.
      (3)   Where the business is conducted.
      (4)   An address to which may be mailed notices and statements required by this chapter.
      (5)   Whether the business is one regulated by a state occupational licensing board subject to G.S. Chapter 93B, and if so, the serial number of the state license the application currently holds.
      (6)   Any other information the town determines to be necessary to compute the amount of tax due.
('72 Code, § 7-4.10)(Ord. 1090, passed 1-12-89)