§ 114.19 FARES.
   (A)   Every vehicle for hire shall have at all times prominently displayed so as to be easily visible to passengers therein the rates of fare charged by the owners of such vehicles for hire.
   (B)   If demanded by the passenger, the driver in charge of a vehicle for hire shall deliver to the person paying for the hiring of the same, at the time of such payment, a receipt in legible type or writing containing the name of the owner, the name of the driver, the Wrightsville Beach number of the vehicle for hire, and any items for which a charge has been made, the total amount paid, and the date of such payment.
   (C)   No person may operate a taxicab unless the taximeter is used in determining the fare to be charged for distance traveled, and no greater fare shall be charged to a passenger than is recorded on the reading face of the taximeter for a trip or waiting time. No other rates or methods of measuring the distance or waiting time charges shall be allowed.
(Ord. 1630, passed 6-24-10)