Grantor reserves the right to revoke the franchise, and all rights and privileges pertaining thereto, in the event that:
   (A)   A grantee substantially violates any material provision of this chapter or a franchise agreement;
   (B)   A grantee attempts to evade any of the material provisions of this chapter or a franchise agreement;
   (C)   A grantee practices an act of fraud or deceit upon the grantor;
   (D)   A grantee becomes insolvent, unable, or unwilling to pay its debts or is adjudged bankrupt;
   (E)   A grantee fails to provide or maintain in full force and effect the liability and indemnification coverage or the performance bond as required pursuant to its franchise; or
   (F)   A grantee violates any orders or rulings of any regulatory body having jurisdiction over the grantee relative to this chapter or the franchise and, after notice thereof, shall continue the violation and not remedy the same within 60 days.
(Ord. 1497, passed 2-22-06)