(A)   The cable system shall generally conform to the system design and channel capacity specifications set forth by the grantee in its application for a franchise submitted to the town.  The grantee is permitted to modify its design and implementation plan, pursuant to the conditions provided herein, to accommodate technological innovations and refinements, which enhance system reliability and capacity.
   (B)   The initial construction required under initial franchise agreement shall be completed in compliance with a schedule specified therein.  If the grantee shows, notwithstanding its due diligence, that it has been unable to extend service to a specified area because the acts or omissions of a third party (excluding the grantee’s subcontractors or agents) or that other factors have caused a delay in construction beyond that reasonably expected during the course of construction, and the grantee proposes a reasonable alternative deadline for extension of service to that area, the town shall grant reasonable extensions of time to complete construction.
(Ord. 1497, passed 2-22-06)