§ 117.54  CONDUIT.
   (A)   The town shall not be responsible for any cuts or damage to buried or underground facilities of a grantee that are not clearly marked or cannot be located through the state “one-call” service.
   (B)   Grantee shall provide strand and trench maps without detailed measurement, calculations in a format mutually agreeable to both the town and grantee.  Such information shall be subject to and not restrict any other town ordinances.  Town agrees to treat the maps as proprietary information to the extent provided under law, or as may be indicated in town ordinances.
   (C)   Grantee shall provide a contact number for the town to call in emergency situations requiring an immediate response on the part of the town.  If the grantee does not properly and effectively identify the precise location of its facilities within a reasonable period of time, taking into account the circumstance of an emergency call from the town, the town shall not be responsible for damage to the grantee’s facilities.
(Ord. 1497, passed 2-22-06)