In those areas within the town where cable television, telephone, or electrical facilities are currently placed underground, all cable system facilities shall remain or be placed underground.  In areas where either telephone or electric utility facilities are above ground at the time of installation, grantee may install its cable system facilities above ground, provided that at such time as both electric and telephone utility facilities are placed underground, grantee shall likewise place its cable system facilities underground without cost to the town.  Nothing contained in this section shall require a grantee to construct, operate, and maintain underground any ground-mounted appurtenances, except that grantee shall take steps to minimize the number and visual impact of such facilities.  If the grantor reimburses any utility for such relocation, grantee shall be similarly reimbursed.  This section shall not prevent the town or any of its agencies or joint agencies from requiring the installation or relocation of cable services facilities underground pursuant to a separate ordinance or regulation or requirement imposed in accordance with the exercise of the general police power or regulatory function of such agency or joint agency.
(Ord. 1497, passed 2-22-06)