Grantee shall promptly repair and restore any town or private property that may be damaged as a result of the construction, installation, operation, repair, maintenance, or removal of the cable system.  Any such property damaged or destroyed shall be promptly repaired and restored by grantee, at grantee’s sole cost and expense, to the reasonable satisfaction of the town to its condition prior to being damaged or shall be replaced by grantee with equivalent property.  The town may inspect and approve the condition of the right-of- ways and cables, wires, attachments, and poles after restoration.  The liability, indemnity, insurance, and performance bond as provided herein shall continue in full force and effect during the period of any removal and until the grantee has fully complied with the terms and conditions of this chapter and the franchise agreement.  In the event of a failure by the grantee to complete any restoration work required by the town within the time as may be established by the town and to the reasonable satisfaction of the town, the town may, following reasonable notice to the grantee, cause such work to be done, and the grantee shall reimburse the town the cost thereof within 30 days after receipt of an itemized list of such costs, or the town may at its option recover such costs through the performance bond provided by grantee.  The town shall be permitted to seek legal and equitable relief to enforce the provisions of this section.
(Ord. 1497, passed 2-22-06)