(A)   Every grantee may, to the extent required by the franchise agreement, provide institutional networks as a condition of an initial grant or renewal, or transfer of a franchise.  To the extent that a grantee is obligated to provide such support pursuant to its franchise agreement, such obligation will be implemented in a competitively neutral manner, on a per subscriber basis with respect to any other franchises granted after the adoption of this chapter.  Costs associated with construction and operation of an I-Net shall not be a franchise fee unless otherwise specified in the franchise agreement.
   (B)   Every grantee may provide a channel or channels, bandwidth capacity, service, and funding for public, educational, and government (“PEG”) access channels, as specified in its franchise agreement.  Such PEG access channel(s) shall be available to all subscribers as part of basic cable service, unless mutually agreed upon by the town and the grantee or as per state or federal law.
   (C)   Oversight and administration of the PEG access channel(s) shall be set forth in the franchise agreement.  The town may designate a community access corporation or similar entity to administer one or more of the PEG access channel(s).
(Ord. 1497, passed 2-22-06)