Any person desiring an initial franchise for a cable system shall file an application with the town.  An application for an initial franchise for a cable television system shall contain, where applicable:
   (A)   A statement as to the proposed franchise area;
   (B)   Resumé of prior history of applicant, including the legal, technical, and financial expertise of applicant in the cable television field;
   (C)   List of the partners, general and limited, of the applicant, if a partnership, or a list of the principals of the applicant, if a limited liability company, or the percentage of stock owned or controlled by shareholders holding 10% or greater, if a corporation;
   (D)   List of officers, directors, and managing employees of applicant, together with a description of the background of each such person;
   (E)   The names and addresses of any parent or subsidiary of applicant or any other business entity owning or in control of applicant, in whole or in part, or owned or controlled in whole or in part by applicant;
   (F)   A current financial statement of applicant verified by a CPA audit or otherwise certified to be true, complete, and correct to the reasonable satisfaction of the town;
   (G)   Proposed preliminary construction and cable service schedule; and
   (H)   Any additional information that the town may require for the administration of the franchise.
(Ord. 1497, passed 2-22-06)