(A)   Upon either the expiration or revocation of a franchise, grantor may permit and/or require a grantee to continue to operate the cable system for an extended period of time not to exceed three months from the date of such expiration or revocation.  A grantee shall continue to operate the system under the terms and conditions of this chapter and the applicable franchise agreement and to provide cable service and any and all other services that grantee had been providing.
   (B)   The grantor shall have the right to compel continued operation of the cable system, whether by the grantee or a trustee or receiver or by the grantor, and to ensure that such operation is consistent with public interest as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction.  The grantee may not remove equipment or documents necessary for continued operation of the system.
   (C)   At all reasonable times, grantee shall permit examination by the town of the system, together with any appurtenant property of grantee situated within or without the town when necessary to ascertain the grantee’s compliance with this chapter, the franchise agreement, and all applicable laws.
   (D)   The town shall have the right of intervention in any suit or proceeding to which the grantee is a party relative to grantee’s operations in the town, and the grantee shall not oppose such intervention by the town.
   (E)   Except as otherwise provided by applicable law, the grantee shall have no recourse whatsoever against the town or its officials, boards, commissions, agents, or employees for any loss, cost, expense, or damage arising out of any provision or requirements of this chapter or the franchise agreement, or of their enforcement.
(Ord. 1497, passed 2-22-06)