The town reserves the right to regulate rates for basic cable service and any other services offered over the cable system, to the extent permitted by federal or state law.  Grantee shall be subject to the rate regulation provisions provided for herein, and those of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at 47 C.F.R., Part 7117.900, Subpart N.  The town shall follow the rules relating to cable rate regulation promulgated by the FCC at 47 C.F.R., Part 7117.900, Subpart N.  To the extent required by applicable federal or state law, grantee shall establish rates that are nondiscriminatory within the same general class of subscribers and which must be applied fairly and uniformly to all subscribers in the franchise area for all services.  Nothing contained herein shall prohibit the grantee from offering (i) discounts to commercial and multiple-family dwelling subscribers billed on a bulk basis; (ii) promotional discounts; (iii) reduced installation rates for subscribers who have multiple services; (iv) discounts for senior citizens and/or low income residents; or (v) reduced rates to subscribers who receive non-cable services in addition to cable services.
(Ord. 1497, passed 2-22-06)