§ 156.097 BURNING.
   Burning of solid waste prohibited. The burning of solid waste shall be prohibited except as allowed at a permitted solid waste facility. Only the burning of natural vegetative materials shall be allowed. The “Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Burning Guidelines” dated 1994 are hereby adopted as reference in this chapter.
   (A)   Permitted burning materials shall include vegetative materials such as trees, brush, leaves, dry grass clippings and untreated/unpainted wood that contains no glues or resins.
   (B)   Non-permitted burning materials shall include but not limited to the burning of oils, rubber, plastics, chemically treated materials such as treated lumber, tires, railroad ties, shingles, wiring, paint, paint filters, particle board, tar paper, sheetrock, cardboard, paper products, electronics, hazardous wastes, household garbage.
(Ord. 22-2, passed 10-25-2022)