(A)   Solid waste accumulation. Except as otherwise allowed by this chapter, owners and managers of every real property shall be responsible for maintaining all open areas free of improperly stored solid waste accumulation.
   (B)   Limited exclusions. Nothing in this section shall unreasonably restrict commonly accepted activities of farms and duly permitted automobile, scrap iron, metal recyclers, or salvage operations that maintain such operations in compliance with applicable ordinances and regulations and in an orderly and nuisance free manner.
   (C)   Frequency of container service. Every property owner shall cause container contents to be removed and deposited at a permitted disposal facility at a frequency so as to not create a nuisance. Solid waste shall not be stored on real property for more than two weeks. Solid wastes suitable and stored for recycling may be contained if stored in an acceptable manner that avoids risk to public safety and otherwise complies with this chapter.
   (D)   Hazardous waste storage. Hazardous wastes shall be stored in leakproof containers which are adequately labeled, in a safe location and in compliance with the regulations of federal, state (Minn. Rules Ch. 7045, as amended) and local governments, and their regulatory agencies.
(Ord. 22-2, passed 10-25-2022)